Roof Application Quality Assurance TESTING INSPECTIONS.

Roof Application Quality Assurance TESTING INSPECTIONS.
$2.20 billion in Roofing and Waterproofing assets value we've evaluated under contracts.

Proven history. J. Smith Group, LLC Roofing Waterproofing history dates back to the early 1900, when the late Bertram Smith and his sons John Richard Smith started BM Smith Roofing Contractors and Consulting Inc., a unique consulting company that specialized in facility Roofing. At that time, the school of thought was, “it’s just a Roof,” or the assumption was made that, “if you design it like a flat Roof, it will work.” But they knew better, and it didn’t take long before facility managers began to realize the benefits of getting objective site evaluations, site-specific design and efficiently managed projects. Product and Service Code (PSC)C1AA - Architect and Engineering- Construction: Office Buildings (Construction Related Services)

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